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We dedicate ourselves as a company to offer the highest quality products and materials to fit each customers individual needs and budget. We work with a diverse group of manufactures in which we have gained the trust and understanding of the products we offer. Our company's goal is to educate and create trust between customers in order to give them the most professional and reliable field of play.
If you're anywhere within the Midwestern states, which include Ohio, Michigan, as far south as Arkansas, and as far north as Boston, and are looking to get the best value for your investment on synthetic grass or sports turf installation, you couldn't have come to a better place!

Field of Play is a privately owned, service oriented company dedicated to delivering top-notch artificial turf products and installation services to residential clients, commercial clients, schools, sports clubs, and others in need of top-notch artificial turf and net installation at very reasonable costs. With close to a decade of tried, tested, and proven excellence in the industry, we have worked with countless clients, installing top quality synthetic grass, nets, and other related products on soccer fields, landscaping, playgrounds, putting greens, residential lawns, commercial lawns, and others. We serve the needs of residential clients, commercial clients, schools, sports clubs, and others in need of high quality artificial turf that improves the look and feel of any outdoor or indoor space.

Here at Field Of Play, we take pride in helping customers bring their vision to fruition, by bringing life to their plans of improving the value and aesthetics of just about any residential or commercial property.

So whether you're the type of property owner who wants amazingly beautiful outdoors that don't need a whole lot of work to maintain, or are the head of a sports club in need of outstanding artificial turf for your team's football field or putting greens, there's no ned to look anywhere else because the trusted experts at Field of Green have all your needs perfectly covered!

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